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About Pop ROCKS


Pop ROCKS is not just a band; they are a HIGH ENERGY LIVE MUSIC SHOW that plays the BIGGEST DANCE PARTY HITS made to fill the floor! Pop ROCKS brings you the best of today’s hottest top 40 hits, throwback hip-hop, pop country, party rock and timeless classics all mashed up and delivered in a PARTY ZONE format! Pop ROCKS is what you get when you combine the music of a DJ, the theatrics of a Broadway musical, and the live energy of an Arena Rock extravaganza!


Pop ROCKS has headlined all over the midwest United States including: Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth (TWICE), Oktoberfest in LaCrosse, R.A.G.B.R.I in Iowa (TWICE), Canadian Bass Fishing Championships (THREE TIMES).  The group also regularly flies out to play special events all over the continental United States and South America including Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Panama City, Panama.


More importantly, the group is honored and humbled to be able to travel multiple times a year to play for the troops on USO tours all over the Middle East and Europe including destinations such as Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Paris, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.


There is NOTHING out there like this group, the show has 40+ costume changes, every genre of hit music, special effects, high energy and passionate members, and interactive performances that get the entire crowd involved!  Come have fun with us!!!

Pop ROCKS is a night of entertainment you won’t forget!!

“You guys made the front page of our paper! Pop ROCKS was the perfect band for our street dance! Pop ROCKS was great to work with and was amazing live. This band is awesome!  We couldn’t have picked a better band to kick off our Summer Concert Series than Pop ROCKS! I could run for Mayor with all the positive comments I have received.  When you book ’em, call me. I want to come to your event! “


Brent Brandt Director, Aberdeen Downtown Association, 605-290-4993

First, they were a HUGE HIT at our RAGBRAI kickoff event!  I have heard nothing but “awesome”, “terrific”, “sensational group”, and on, and on, and on! Not only great musically, but truly entertaining. They kept our crowd “locked in” to the end of the show, which was important to us.  Second, and important to me on a personal level.  Over the years, I have worked with various groups, not only in connection with RAGBRAI, but for other events and other venues.  Some are OK to work with. Some are not so fun to work with (everything from over-demanding to huge egos).  Pop Rocks were over-the-top wonderful to work with! They were laid-back, pleasant, and just all-around fun and enjoyable to be around.  It made my life and my job much easier, and I actually got to really enjoy the concert that evening myself!

Gordon Woodrow, Entertainment Chairman, RAGBRAI Glenwood

“Our guests cannot get enough PopRocks! The Rev and the entire band exceed our expectations every single year. Even after booking them three years in a row, their show is different every time and the crowd always wants more.”

Rachel, Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN